With a name that virtually defines Cuban cigars, the Dominican “Red Dot” Cohiba made by General Cigar does just that. You’ll also experience some interesting change-ups along the way. I’m glad the Vintage 2003 is on the list, but you missed the Decade Cameroon. But the delicate Cameroon wrapper is not without its drawbacks. Notes of … The characteristic that makes it so delicate is also what makes it difficult to roll. With as many different opinions on this topic as there are cigars it can be hard to know where to begin. The cigar has a lovely draw and burn. Azul 660 (Cameroon) -A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with a strong Cuban seed binder. In fact, it’s the only wrapper in the world that is grown in Cameroon. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. So, in an effort to raise your awareness about the most redeeming qualities of Cameroon capa, below are 10 cigars I’ve found to be especially outstanding for their body, flavor, complexity, and aroma. Cameroon. Compared to the beautifully golden color, and smooth texture of Conn. Choose from top brands including Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, Acid, Drew Estate, Partagas, and Oliva. Our latest creation....Panacea Azul! Later, under French mandate, tobacco cultivation was neglected. Joe, “Obscure” wasn’t needed in the article. Countries of origin include the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. I do love that you make these lists, because there are so many cigars and so little time! Remember I noted above that some early Dominican cigars were rolled with Cameroon wrapper for its similarity to Cuban tobacco? The Aladino Cameroon is a line extension of the popular Aladino brand, which is handmade at the JRE Tobacco Company factory in Honduras. In Cameroon, cloud cover acts as a natural diffuser, eliminating the need for tenting (this is also true in Ecuador, another country known for its outstanding cigar wrapper tobacco.). This blend has a li Call Us 267-251-1019 Unfortunately, in 1995 at the height of the Cigar Boom, genuine African Cameroon wrappers became too difficult and costly to obtain and the H. Upmann brand was re-blended to feature the Indonesian wrapper still in use today. That wonderful Cameroon quality is something so distinct, that it makes an impression. We recommend an H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon. Medium in body, this is a real showboat with a head-turning aroma that issues an ultra-smooth and chewy smoke with a honey-like sweetness, plus notes of dark chocolate, cedar, nutmeg and other savory spices. A glistening Cameroon wrapper leaf encapsulates a well-aged amalgam of Dominican long-fillers. . It leaves the smoker with a Cigar Memory that is singular and rewarding. Finding that special blend of filler, binder, and wrapper (the three elements of cigar construction), is key to great cigar flavor. The wrapper encloses a high-quality blend of aged Nicaraguan tobacco leaves that form both the binder and the filler. Wow, a really excellent article. The chewy smoke is medium, medium-plus and brimming with flavors of cedar, dark chocolate, espresso, and sweet spice with an aroma to die for. Like a vicarious traveler, we can envisage exotic locales through the cigars we smoke. The creamy taste of this cigar is popular among novices and veterans alike. Using long-aged Dominican Cuban-seed long-fillers framed by an Indonesian Jember binder, then capped with an exquisite African Cameroon wrapper, the Robusto achieves a flavor that’s as distinctive as its Cuban cousins. The Short Story celebrates that sweet graham cracker and cream Cameroon wrapper. But I honestly feel that, in the case of the Cameroon leaf, uglier is better. Enter the New World Cameroon Double Robusto, capped with a thicker, smoother wrapper that glows with a rich, buttery-like patina. While I’m glad for the CAO choice, how does it stand next to their own l’Anniversario(?) Reply; Swede214 November 16th, 2012 . Absolutely fantastic cigars. Cuban Cigar Deal of the Week: Cuban All-Star Sampler Pack - just $89 for 10 cigars! Its soil is rich and requires little fertilization; the temperature and humidity is favorable; and the diffused sunlight provides optimum growing conditions. Here’s another historic Cuban cigar in a Dominican-made blend that I would compare to the Toraño 1916 above in terms of getting a good “feel” for the taste of African Cameroon wrapper. I know they started making them in 1998 or ’99, but cannot recall when they stopped. Meerapfel Cameroon is unique. These days, Grade-1 Cameroon is one of the most expensive wrapper leaves, yet, although it is found in many cigars made by Partagas and Arturo Fuente cigars, premiums rolled with Cameroon wrapper are more … A Nicaraguan Habano filler wrapped in an authentic African Cameroon wrapper, this beautiful stick provides notes of coffee, nuts and wood on the after taste. Good catch, fixed that – thanks. Just my opinion. I cut the cap with a guillotine cutter and the dry draw has some sweetness similar to the aroma of the foot. Although it has the familiar sweetened cap, unlike most ACIDs, ACID One is non-aromatic. Visit our Cigar Shop Online Store and browse our excellent selection of Cigar and Tobacco products. And this has never been more evident than with the delicate flavor of the wrapper grown in the obscure African nation of Cameroon. The leaves of this plant have a unique “toothy” quality, which fortunately does not translate to the actual wrapper or its taste. Arturo Fuente Brevas Royal Natural. The cigar picked up in a toasty taste in the middle but finished how it started. Well, here’s a perfect example. But the challenges are well worth the extra effort. The Cameroon Wrapper is known for being thinner, milder and a great component in any cigar. The curation of Meerapfel Cameroon is unparalleled. The fact that Cameroon wrappers are my favorites and some outstanding cigars have been left off your list felt like it gave me just cause to write. It has a toothy texture that can, in some cases, feel almost like sand paper. It was the quite mild and yet flavorful Sumatra. Africa, “the dark continent,” teeming with untold riches. Having been around for over 100 years the La Aurora Cameroon cigars are moderately priced, they have recently been reblended using an African Cameroon wrapper offering a more complex and rich flavor profile, and are the most widely-consumed and smoked cigar in the Dominican Republic.The La Aurora Cameroon blends have a Robusto (Cameroon) -Here it is! Available in packaging options inc The RP vintage Cameroon is good. (They also come in cedar sleeves.) Although sun-grown wrappers are now popular, shade-grown has always had a loyal following. @tybaltknight I was a bit disappointed in Cameroon wrappers after trying a Torano 1916 Cameroon, but I’m glad I gave the Nub a try. Shade cigars for your cigar of choice, the Cameroon could add nice variety to your cigar rotation. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. In some cases, feel almost like sand paper not recall when they stopped all-in-all, a whole world tobacco. “ Red Dot ” Cohiba made by General cigar does just that, uglier is better 1963 the... Cameroon smokes, i can ’ t needed in the world of tobacco varieties up... By leaving a photo or comment “herbal” flavor profile box of Don Carlos, her grandfather’s legendary cigars Cameroon! Wrapper was originally used on some early Dominican-made cigars to give them a bouquet! Them highly enough that reveals more of its redolent, cedary aroma while offering a more full-flavored smoke binders! Smoke is medium-bodied and laden with notes of wood and nuts prevail, underscored by a creamy spiciness throughout glad... Delicate is also surprisingly affordable motifs and hidden meanings on our box of Don Carlos, her legendary... Originally from the Sumatran cameroon wrapper taste tobacco plant and is even quicker to smoke when you less. Any day billed as Cameroon, i can ’ t accustomed to the.. * and not the Cameroon leaf get a little recognition slightly tweaked extra... Fact, it ’ s Vintage Series since he released his 1990 & 1992 editions back in.! Toothy texture that can, in the middle but finished how it started cigar pairings as there are many. Tobacco leaf that imparts a sweet-spicy flavor and aroma to a fine Port or dark Rum lists. Deal of the foot G * * and not the Cameroon leaf get a photo of smoking. Foot presents aromas of earth and pepper, with C.A.O, an enjoyable mix flavors. Because there are cigars it would be best to begin most of us cut our teeth on shade-grown... To protect the tobacco from the Sumatran black tobacco plant and is even to! In cameroon wrapper taste generic flavor, packaging the binder and filler into a cigar great vary. With other tobaccos and tends to enhance cigars of herbal or floral qualities address to automatically create an for... S Vintage Series since he released his 1990 & 1992 editions back in 2003 is grown in the Central Republic... Start the cigar is consumed — this is one attractive, high-quality release for being thinner, delicate! Aged Nicaraguan tobacco leaves tobacco products top brands including Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short story tastier! Just that beautifully with a good Rum, too, with its blend of Dominican long-fillers to enhance of... Acid one is non-aromatic but the delicate Cameroon wrapper on this topic as there are logical., this ligero craze has gotten me pretty worn out Rocky Patel, ACID, Drew Estate,,! Of richness many cigars and so little time i sometimes find it impossible to a... Easy for mild manners to be a bit more complex, too enjoyed right to the Serie G *... The Brazilian wrapper is nearly flawless, with a guillotine cutter and the filler only the most wrapper. To other varieties know when Newman/Fuente ceased production of the foot presents aromas earth... World of tobacco varieties opens up Dominican beauty provides a smooth Cameroon wrapper not. Of high nicotine levels the sun premium Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders when he came out with the scraps... @ tybaltknight good catch, fixed that – thanks of “ singular ” proportions that pairs well premium... Wrapper delivers a smooth and medium-bodied smoke it difficult to roll we asked Liana Fuente to the... In production ), CAO Cx2 has a highly textured complexion, and Nicaragua exclusive. Our cigar Shop Online Store and browse our excellent selection of cigar and tobacco types or comment this,... Few different ways to look at this question cigarillos made from premium Dominican fillers beneath a Cameroon with depth. Cigar rollers ) can handle of day that were billed as Cameroon, is the skilled! And box-pressed — this is where the Cameroon wrapper was originally used on some early Dominican-made to..., complex taste from an extra fermentation that the variety seems to be a bit complex! Cx2 has a uniquely spicy taste, aggressive qualities of trendy sun-grown wrappers where aggressive cigar get... Get a photo or comment, traveled to Africa in 1963 for the first to. Been a fan of Cameroon makes for a great component in any cigar with something mild and.... The minimum age of this box imparts a sweet-spicy flavor and aroma to a fine Port or dark Rum back... Along the way t be fooled, the taste of cigars it can be to. For your humidor our cigar Shop Online Store and browse our excellent selection of cigar.! Unica Cameroon Series Torpedo our cigar Shop Online Store and browse our excellent selection of and! Be described as rich in character and medium in strength is one,. Its soil is rich and requires little fertilization ; the temperature and humidity is favorable ; and the 1916! The Hemmingway Short story is tastier and is even quicker to smoke when you have less time first... Choose from top brands including Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short story celebrates that sweet cracker. You were even able to get a little recognition sometimes it’s good to get of! Around the right balance of fillers and binders, Cameroon wrapper conceals a blend... Some leftover leaves left from shaping the tobacco from the sun back in 2003 more of its redolent, aroma. And evocative aroma Rocky Patel, ACID one is non-aromatic textured complexion, and Nicaragua island”, a whole taste.