Welcome to my first subscriber request video- how to care for and overwinter indoor coleus, AKA Plectranthus scutellariodes. First thing's first: Make sure your pot is large enough to comfortably accommodate the mature size of the coleus. It's July and the containers are filly going strong. Full sun will often prevent their leaves from achieving vivid colors. Plant usually grows up to 24-30 inches tall. Romeo and Juliet. I would like to pot them to keep on my porch. Expert plantsman Ray Rogers offers equal parts inspiration and practical advice, with history, plant characteristics, problem solving, propagation, and designing with coleus in both containers and in the garden, all brought to life by Richard Hartlage's masterful photographs. Excessive legginess is typically caused by too little sun, so if this is a continuing problem, move the container to a spot that receives a little more sunlight. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2993162440861364"; Coleus is a great container garden plant. A tropical perennial (typically grown as an annual) native to Malaysia and other parts of Asia, there are about 60 different species of coleus. Regular pruning can help control height and, at the same time, promote a fuller, bushy appearance. Pauline … Coleus are generally resistant to diseases, but if you overwater your coleus, they may become susceptible to fungal diseases and root rot. Small, insignificant flowers will appear late summer. If the coleus plant begins to lose its leaves, it probably is not getting enough light. If your container will be placed in full sun be sure to use one of these varieties. To propagate your coleus, cut several sprigs from your favorite mature plant (each sprig should contain several good, healthy leaves). Coleus is a great container plant for shady areas. Info: This container plant often gets leggy, so pinch off the tops and deadhead flowers to promote bushy growth. Fill your container with well-draining soil and fertilize moderately. Coleus This attractive foliage plant is great for containers and underplanting. Collectible, Colorful Coleus for Containers and Beds June 24, 2020 1:12 pm The colorful coleus ‘Henna’ is so pretty that it is a stand-alone container plant. Fertilizer: To keep your coleus plant in its brightest colors, make sure to not fertilize too much. You can bring your container into the house in the fall, as they do well inside. Without regular pruning, coleus plants can become "leggy" and unattractive. Soil: Coleus grows in a variety of acidic Florida soils, including sand, loam and clay provided they drain well. I have several varities of coleus all in 4" nursery pots. However, in recent years there have been varieties of coleus cultivated for growth in full sun. While not all varietals of the coleus plant are toxic to animals, a few do possess a toxic compound called diterpene coleonol, found in the oils and sap of the plant. If your space tends to have dry air in the winter months, a humidifier can go a long way in keeping your tropic-loving coleus happy. An important note: some varieties of coleus root more easily than others. It can be grown underneath other taller container plants, such as a small tree in a container. Pinch off blooms and growing shoots of young plants to encourage bushier foliage. Apply mulch so that there’s an inch or two of space between it and the stem of your plants. Water regularly, keeping the soil moist. While coleus can be planted successfully in the ground in early spring, it's actually easier to grow in containers, as it thrives in the loose texture of good potting soil. Pests and Diseases: Garden pests such as mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites and slugs may attach your coleus plants. Although coleus will usually survive in sun, the color of the leaves is enhanced in the shade. Given adequate light, coleus overwinters easily indoors. These beautiful plants come in green, purple, orange, red and yellow varieties, with many different leaf patterns… Light: Different coleus varieties have varying light needs, so check the plant tag or dig into our Our Favorite Varieties section below.Most newer coleus varieties thrive anywhere from full sun to deep shade. Indoors, keep your coleus plant in a warm room with ambient sunlight, away from any harsh breezes (like in front of an air conditioner). Plant coleus in a container with other bushy plants that have an assortment of colored flowers or colored foliage. From vivid pinks to moody dark maroons, in an almost endless variety of patterns, these tropical plants make a strong statement in beds, borders, and containers. The plant first gained popularity during the Victorian ages, but love for this easy, practically maintenance-free varietal has only grown since. One of the reasons that coleus plants grow so well in containers is because they prefer the loose texture of potting soil versus more dense ground soil. Plant your coleus in a sturdy container that won’t tip over if it does get to be 2 feet tall. These plants tolerate full sun, partial shade, and are suitable for garden beds and borders. Choose plants with varying colors, textures and sizes. Place each cutting into a clear glass vase or jar filled with water, making sure to pluck off any leaves that fall below the water level. Growing indoors: Coleus do quite well when overwintered indoors as a houseplant. However, during cold winter months, coleus plants grown indoors may have trouble getting just enough light. Place them in a sunny windowsill and rotate occasionally to provide even lighting. If grown indoors, watering every two or three days is usually sufficient unless the air inside your home or grow space is especially dry. In this article, you will find out how to care for coleus as an indoor houseplant or … Kerry Michaels is a writer and photographer with several years specializing in gardening and landscape design. Immature potted coleus plants will need plenty of light, either from a south-facing window or from supplementary lighting. How many can I put in there? This coleus was a disappointment Electric Lime in back of nasterteums Blaire's Witch Trailing Black It can be grown underneath other taller container plants, such as a small tree in a container. Generally speaking, coleus is a full shade plant—while recent cultivars have made it more tolerant of sunlight, it still does not like direct, sustained sunlight and needs either shade or partial shade in order to thrive. How to grow Coleus plant in pots. Coleus in Containers. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. When potting, use a high-quality mix, and make sure that your pot has good drainage to help prevent root rot (soil that is too heavy or dense can also cause the roots to rot). There are about 60 species of coleus, all native to Malaysia and other parts of Asia. A coleus plant grown indoors, especially in winter months, is more susceptible to this, so you might need to supply your plants with some supplemental light. Water regularly. Light: Shade to light. Coleus or Plectranthus scutellarioides is a flowering plant in the family of lamiaceae. As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to keep all coleus plants out of reach of pets. Coleus is a perfect plant for beginners because it is super easy to take care of and is very forgiving. I have a patio planter that is 24" x 12". Coleus spp.. Every summer, my deck is adorned with the vibrant multicolored foliage of coleus. Avoid windy locations because coleus can be prone to breakage. Coleus' needs when it comes to care are pretty minimal, making it a great introductory plant for novice gardeners or those who just don't have a lot of time on their hands to tend to their plants. This is Gnash Rambler with a superbell and plectranthus verigata Allison with superbell. Most of us know beautiful coleus plants as gorgeous additions to border plantings in gardens or bright pops of color in containers, but did you know that actually make great indoor plants as well? Then, feed it a diluted liquid fertilizer every week or two as it continues to grow. See more ideas about container gardening, plants, container plants. To help, place your pots somewhere where they'll receive filtered sunlight through windows, or provide them with supplemental lighting. As soon as the roots have formed a tangled mass, they can safely be planted in potting soil. Pot your plants in suitable containers with … Coleus also produce flowers, but these are not as attractive as their foliage an… Coleus can be added to beds and borders for interest or grown in containers. Plant coleus in containers after all danger of frost has past. Still, there are a few care tips you'll want to keep in mind to help your coleus plant thrive in a container. Coleus are disease resistant and low maintenance and come in a staggering number of varieties. If the color is drained from the coleus plant's leaves, it is getting too much sun. Better Homes and Gardens lists varieties of sun tolerant coleus here. Coleus plant leaves come in shades of red, green, white and yellow. Be careful not to over fertilize, though, or your coleus in pots may lose their brilliant color. If you are growing your coleus in containers, use a rich, well-drained potting mix. They have highly variegated leaves available in different varieties. One of the few plants grown almost entirely for its foliage, coleus are actually easier to grow in containers than in the ground, since they thrive in the loose texture of a good potting soil. Container gardening with coleus is not difficult, but it requires a bit of preparation—it's slightly different than traditional outdoor gardening, mostly due to different maintenance requirements. Today we will look into some important care tips and Dos and Donts on one of the most beautiful and colourful plants – the Coleus plant. Soils that remain soggy and don’t drain well can create problems with rot. The small flowers of the coleus plant are nothing special, but if you want to allow seeds to grow, collect the seeds and plant them – these seeds may surprise you with differently patterned coleus than its parent plant. Coleus, also commonly known as painted nettle, flame nettle, and painted leaf, is grown for its ornate foliage. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. google_ad_height = 200; If the plant goes into flower, snip off the flowers to encourage vitality, and pinch off growing tips to encourage bushiness. Likewise, if your plant starts to lose leaves, it usually means that it's in a spot that's either too dark or too cold. //-->, Copyright 2010-2018 BalconyContainerGardening.com, How to Grow and Care for Coleus in Containers. However, avoid overly damp soil, as this can cause leaf drop. They are tender plants and will be one of first plant nipped in the fall. Although most people grow this plant as an annual, you can bring it into an indoor garden in the winter and keep it pruned to keep it full and bushy. Debra LaGattuta is a certified master gardener with decades of experience with perennial and flowering plants, container gardening, and raised bed vegetable gardening. See more ideas about Planting flowers, Flower garden, Container gardening. Water: When it comes to watering the coleus plant, keep its potting soil moist but never soggy. When it comes to growing coleus in containers indoors, a lack of light is usually not a problem. Temperature: The coleus plant grows best from 65 to 90 degrees, but it can survive down to about 40 degrees. Put the cuttings in a jar of water (as with propagating pothos). How to Grow Coleus. In hot months, coleus plants grown in pots outdoors will need watering once or twice a day. If they grow to be too be too large or leggy they tolerate a good trim to fit into any space. Shear the tops of plants that grow too tall to encourage outward growth and denser foliage. Although most people grow this plant as an annual, you can bring it into an indoor garden in the winter and keep it pruned to keep it full and bushy. May 26, 2015 - Explore Flora Long's board "Coleus pots", followed by 135 people on Pinterest. Propagation: To propagate coleus plants, take cuttings from the mother plant. They can also be propagated by seed indoors about 8-10 weeks prior to your last expected spring frost. Wanneer coleus planten, kiezen kleuren die de andere bloemen en bladeren in uw tuin om buitengewone kleur koppelingen die een in het oog springende verrukking worden zal zal accent. Coleus tends toward brittle legginess, so they are best used in displays with other coleus or with other plants. google_ad_slot = "6102494112"; Like many plants with colorful foliage, coleus plants need regular feeding. All coleus have excellent container potential if given an adequate volume of well-draining soil mix, sufficient drainage holes, reasonable nutrients and the proper sun exposure. Keep the vases filled with water as it evaporates and is consumed by the plants' roots. google_ad_width = 200; Coleus typically prefer shaded areas. Its purple undertones help it to pair easily with almost any other color in combination containers, where it will play a starring role of thriller or filler. With the proper care, a coleus plant in a large container can grow up to 3 ft. (0.9 m) tall. An encyclopedia covers more than 225 varieties.