very good drama! your argument is perfecto!! Hoping for a good ending. As per preview, I guess Minhyuk would help. This was an excellent drama up until the point that they threw in that weird twist near the end, that's when it all went to hell. Lily Sep 19 2020 1:14 pm Con Chloé Boreham, Benjamin Bourgois, Nicolas Buchoux, Eliza Calmat, Marie Coulonjou. All i can see is a mother and child relationship. natha_raki Aug 01 2020 1:03 am There is a freakin reason why jin gyeom mother said in the earrrrrrlllllyyy eps, not to get involved if he see his mother doppleganger. Excited to watch moreeeee episode. Is it a multiverse situation or are we looking at causal loops? How and when did Professor Seok travel back in time? Sinopsis. So that final supposed 'happy reunion' made my flesh crawl - I wanted to slap her. Adorable, sheila196 muliwai ave Sep 17 2020 11:56 am This drama like you climb big mountain to watch something nice but ended up with nothing. they're trying so hard to make the story make sense, it comes out really awkward sometimes. I'm watching because of Joo Won.. Definitely, Tae-yi was Jin-Gyeom's mom in the past and the recent episode. 2050 people who time traveled to the past get the sigma mark. Sadly, gonna miss this drama and all the casts. I think i'm gonna love the plot. Rocky Sep 27 2020 4:04 am That's Impossible They Have same face but different person. He is the paradox. At first, Han Se-jin does not want to, but after Han Se-kyung promise to buy her a new bag, she agrees to do it. Seem like those clients wanted to change their fate in the present, they need to go to Alice (future) and comeback to present with some time limit given eg :- Hong Seok and Eun-su's mom ( after their request fulfil, they departed back to present. This is man is idolize,because he is very waiting this tv drama. Lalalove Sep 20 2020 7:02 am A costume drama is a show in which complex costumes and sets are used to try make the set look like a particular time in history. Sabawit Jul 18 2020 12:00 am 10 or 11 you will understand what I'm saying here. ALL Of them are the same, a endless loop was created due to changing the timeline. Seeing this, Cha Seung-jo starts to cry because he is so moved, but not realizing the fact that Han Se-kyung has written that letter with a purpose. Feom tkem-backstree Rookie to this! Lol funny how some people are trying to dismiss the fact that Jin gyeom sees Tae yi as his mom. i like the drama, like kim hee sun character, Lol Oct 06 2020 9:13 pm @bmen my theory is the little girl was having a trauma after her dad died.That is why she (yoon tae yi) couldnt remember she was the little girl. Caintastic Sep 17 2020 8:04 pm | Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Alice" takes over the SBS Fridays & Saturdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". I'm not sure how many times I watched it either. Does anybody have any idea about where the daughter of Dr. Jang Dong Sik (ep 1) is? However, it kinda confused me though how can two 'Tae Yi' exist in the same world and the identity of the little girl in the beginning is still a mystery. repost Sep 20 2020 12:16 pm it will be weird if you force romantic feeling between 2020's Taeyi and JinGyeom. Lol what’s going on in this drama? SPOILERS! Gonna miss them so much! What the F, why did I watch it at the middle of the night alone. Because I noticed everyone in the Alice organization mentioning Tae Yi name, not the mother’s name. Joo won oops has been amazing. Han Se-kyung is a person who tries her best in getting everything and lives by the motto of “Self-achievement generated from hard working”. Meaning, other parallel universe memories got into him. Hearing of this, Han Se-kyung feels she has been insulted; she then pours a cup of water onto Tommy Hong. syim Apr 01 2020 1:10 pm They both admit that they cannot remember. Tae yi (prof) mother who was time traveler, gave a birth tae yi. When she died, she told Jin Gyeom that when he meet her in the future to please pretend that they don't know each other, which pertains to the YTY 2020. This drama is must watch and is highly recommended. She said ME not who looks like me. Though she studies design, because of her family's financial problem, she doesn't have the opportunity to study design abroad. While investigating a mysterious case, he realizes the existence of time travelers. So much suspense. So there’s no different person from other dimension. Julianne Moore plays Alice. The concepts of time travel, explained each time with the instances they show, the ppl time traveled and when the same person meet themselves during the travel is all different and seems no connection.? The only good thing about her is that she's sometimes helpful to Jin Gyeom when he's investigating. LinHussain Oct 18 2020 10:35 am I cancel all appoint or go home early on the day it will be aired. Turns out, the ‘dimension’ thay they were talking about were just about future and past, not a whole another world. Sis whacky Sep 26 2020 12:09 am Rayso Oct 26 2020 9:24 am Coz jin gyeom didn't met do yeon coz the rooftop accident didn't happen.. for me. And lastly if you can remember that the book states that when the mother and child reunites, the child? Kitty Sep 05 2020 12:49 am Not sure how their relationship will evolve, but this drama is about Jin Gyeom and Yoon Tae Yi. Seo Yoon-joo goes to see Tommy Hong; she learns that the person who he is trying to pair up with her husband's sister, Shin In-hwa, is actually Cha Seung-jo. So heres my 2cent. November 1967 ä Hollywood, Kalifornie) woch ön Schauspellerin us d Stommfilmzitt en d USA. He got 50 offers and i'm glad that he picked this master piece ! Yes,he is back i can't wait for watch.i love you oppa? You know what lacking in this drama. Alice Lake (* 12. Shay Oct 17 2020 5:33 am rphhh Sep 14 2020 6:52 pm It's official: Joo Won returns to the small screen on August 28. Impressive story, direction and acting. sunny Jun 15 2020 2:29 pm Not that I'm complaining that they didn't make those people disappear, but still! Fa Jul 20 2020 8:27 pm That ending was improvised and made no effort to close any loose ends. I felt the awkwardness between Tae Yo & Jin Geom. Kris Oct 13 2020 4:15 am Most Interesting KDrama in 2020, Poppy Aug 30 2020 2:11 am English Renaissance drama is sometimes called Elizabethan drama, since its most important developments started when Elizabeth I was Queen of England from 1558 to 1603.But this name is not very accurate; the drama continued after Elizabeth's death, into the reigns of King James I (1603–1625) and his son King Charles I (1625–1649). I love that she's playing the genius physicist. Anyway this drama was cool and I liked the acting and concepts but the story was really problematic and the writers did a horrible job and a great disservice to what it could have been. Rose Sep 12 2020 1:02 am boyokkk Sep 18 2020 11:15 pm eileen Aug 28 2020 9:03 am What a waste of my time. Real great high Pac -action sci fiction drama - the love triangle was kinda disappointing because my favorite girl was bubble Lee De-In (Kim Do-Yeon), outstanding casting members with Koo Won & Kim Hee-Seon - 10* two thumbs up to writer & director. I think he can't face or fight against himself b'cos kinda illusion of himself. I was so engrossed with the writters plot but the ending really kills it. They were just simply connected and attract each other. Cha Seung-joo meets up with Han Se-kyung. But according to the girl in Alice ,Oh Shi Young , the 2020 Tae Yi is the past self of the Tae Yi from 2050. That's a stupid move from the writers. But it was nonsense completely unworthy of its namesake. to save his mother.. The last scene where jingyeom forget about the existence of her (deja vu) cause he is literally from the past after the reset things. Well, still, I can't say no to not recommend this drama to you. Just done watching this kdrama and I like it a lot. The only logic part was the fact that jin gyeom is an architect, cause the future has changed and the only reason why he became a detective was because he wants to catch his mother killer. Yy Oct 18 2020 10:15 pm I love Yoo Min Hyuk character. I'm not sure what I just watched in ep.9, but I watched it. April 1970 in Levallois-Perret) ist eine ehemalige französische Judoka. ?? Joo won had acted in some of my fave Kdramas ..Nice to see him back..Also,the PD has a beautiful visual style in his shows.. Cathy.skxx Aug 31 2020 6:59 pm En 1891 e timezas da George Keppel ha div verc'h o doe. So she wouldn't have had that adopted family... but then I guess the reset was from the time of his mother's murder - because things changed then. Eunice Cleveland Oct 25 2020 10:27 am And before anyone says "they're actually not related because this Tae is from a parallel uni". Love it. HHZ Sep 28 2020 1:41 am She's enigmatic to try keeping it to a single word description. I find her beautiful. Will still watch last 2 episodes to see how Minhyuk will save his son JG. Joo Won, you are indeed a great actor. Why would the people who interacted with him up to that point in his life (the night his mom died) No longer remember him? Why he should remember that vague memories.... Pinku Oct 25 2020 3:43 am Alice Maud Krige (/ ˈ k r iː ɡ ə /; born 28 June 1954) is a South African actress and producer.Her first feature film role was in Chariots of Fire (1981) as the Gilbert and Sullivan singer Sybil Gordon.She played the dual role of Eva Galli/Alma Mobley in Ghost Story, and the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact. But I don't know why the final episode was (for me) ruined the whole story. The story had complex characters and great acting arcs. beloved Aug 31 2020 10:26 am Professor Seok is in the book by name. I will write my commendation after i watch ep 16. Artemis is having a party. Haha everytime they are together I always felt the emotion of Jin Gyeom longing for his deceased mother. Bmen Sep 05 2020 9:50 am Sie war Europameisterin 1993 und 1995. Wow. And I think it's really tae yi of 2020 Who pioneered The Time travel since she liked or her favorite book is Alice.. Let's just stay tuned and watch till the End I'm sure we will not regret it.. Thea Kim Sep 20 2020 10:37 am Every episode is exciting and kept me thinking. what just happened to this drama? Love this drama But no, I don't think so. Seola Sep 19 2020 12:07 am Jun 08 2020 9:18 pm So, I make my own version. about everyone else its clearly cuz he never been an cop. That's stupid. But in these last episodes I felt it dragged a little bit. No Love Line please. Alice Brady (2 November 1892 – 28 Oktober 1939) was 'n Amerikaanse aktrise. the plot for every episod was interested and it make me being excited to watch it aaaargh! Because time travel wasn't totally erased. Savet ha maget e voe e kastell Duntreath, set baroneted Edmonstone Bro-Skos. others ppl were not taken to Alice (at least not showing us this part). BENCH Aug 10 2020 11:57 pm A_1410 Sep 26 2020 2:28 am Now at the party, after battling with his own will, he finally gains the courage and goes into the party. It started really strong but totally lost everything towards the end. There is no happy ending for those who played with time. and who was the 'mother' as Tae Yi told everytime she talked to JG?...there r many questions here need an answer and I believe they r all related in different ways.. Niakps Sep 19 2020 10:23 pm Im still infuriated at the ending and the story direction. Natasya Nov 16 2019 12:11 am Don't make a twist that I will twist ur neck writer! She litteraly don't have any Idea who the kid was. It's totally a paradox! Waiting for episode 16. . [23] However, for the fifth episode, the series overtook The King's Dream and was ranked second for its timeslot,[24] and for the ninth and tenth episodes it was ranked first ahead of MBC's new drama A Hundred Year Legacy. Wow this drama is so interesting!!! I adore Kim Hee Sun. That darn necklace survived? Why do I have this theory that eventually, all good people who carried the Book of Prophecy will be taken over by their psychopathic counterparts? If you like to watch it, just watch unti Ep. Minhyuk deserves better. Holy Sep 26 2020 12:24 pm I'm ok if Jin Gyeom never get to meet Do Yeon, because they are not supposed to be in one same time at all. Captain Go, Jingyeom, Oh Si Young or possibly even Kim Do Yeon but I find that a stretch. Cha Seung-jo goes to see his father, president Cha ll-nam of Royal Company, and in a disdainful tone, tells him that Artemis will not be a shop in the Royal Company's shopping center. Naskah drama dibuat sedemikian rupa sehingga nantinya dapat … Shay Oct 24 2020 6:29 am This love is deeper than your typical romance that eventually fades over time. ThisDramaNeedsHelp Oct 25 2020 1:26 am Cha Seung-jo thinks about what happens between him and Han Se-kyung, and he is very nervous about it. because by simple arithmetic, Tae Yi is 32y and by 2050, she will be 62 and YTY from 2050 by calculation is 24y in 2050 so take note.Theory of the multiverse says Different earths or universe exist at thesame time so i think YTY from another earth or universe is PJG's mom. Weird. Some things are being revealed slowly, finally, so let's wait and see. - veru unique and interesting plot. And he has the trust of Yoon Tae Yin and Minhyuk. Sany Agascon May 24 2020 2:44 pm Truly, couldn't accept the facts shown in preview of epi13. lobak abu Aug 30 2020 4:50 am This drama is so good, and the casts are perfect ! I think she is only being adopted by her family. So only her are not lost the memories.. Time travel was the only reason they were all connected to each other. That's it, I really hope that everything will fall into the right place. Cha, whose real name is Cha Seung-jo, harbors a petty side and is determined to get back at the people who have hurt him in the past. kazukirou Sep 07 2020 10:09 pm Because that's more logical to him. Specifically with the scene where Joo Won always try to catch his mom's killer and that plot twist there wherein Joo Won was also the "Teacher" that he had been chasing could've been uncovered on the earlier episodes, so atleast they could have use the other episodes with more necessary scenes so the viewers would understand the story that they were trying to convey. Can't this be plain fiction pls? Gonna warch it for sure? but okay let just enjoy the drama as all the things are fictional but saying its okay to have feelings for your own mother/son is not okay. Will someone please stop time travel? Remember, romance is not the focal point of the story. Omg! I just hope that it is not a mom and son love seriously da in and jin gyeom all the way..time paradox and all that make the story interesting, Dina Sep 12 2020 5:42 pm They fell in love due to deja vu effects, and finally got married. banaganatanatda Sep 19 2020 7:51 pm wenachu~ Oct 13 2020 7:18 am For me Tae Yi (present) and Jin Gyeom mother is the same person. Looking forward to the future episodes. If both tae Yi are The same person it still doesn't make sense.. Coz tae yi of 2020 would've age 85 in The year 2050 unless there's a twist you know. It’s gonna be weird if there’s romance line between Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi, I hope there’s no such thing or maybe just let Tae Yi be Sun Young somehow and reunited with Min Hyuk and everybody live happily ever after. Sportliche Karriere. It may be that, PJG in 2050 b the father, of PJG in 2020. Joo Won's acting is excellent as always and so does Kim Hee Sun. but now meh! Merc'h e oa da Sir William Edmonstone, 4vet Baronet. idk why but i see a strong chemistry between tae yi and jin gyeom. Its really reflect the emotion scenes. I always knew the writers were not the traditional one , they wan to bring shock and awe and they did. It is a loose end ending. The first 6 episodes are really good, then the plot just becomes repetitive. Then she finally realize that JinGyeom is not born yet. And how she met MH and other alice people? Han Se-kyung (Moon Geun-young) believed in l'effort est ma force, meaning "hard work is my strength." It's weird 'cause Carlos and his mother looks too cute together. Different but good story line than stupid love Stories. Her bitter disillusionment leads her to seduce Jean Thierry Cha (Park Si-hoo), the youngest CEO in the luxury-brand industry. I think the drama is the best kdrama so far in 2020.......... LONE Nov 24 2020 10:05 pm The show stars Linda Lavin in the title role, a widow who moves with her young son to start life over again, and finds a job working at a roadside diner in Phoenix, Arizona. I bet that she won’t see PJG romantically the same way again. If Alice follows this, that would make him a paradox and explain why he has the power of time. And i think yth is falling for jg too, Rena Sep 13 2020 3:10 pm Ms s Nov 30 2020 8:51 pm Seo Yoon-joo is in the hospital because she has had an accident. Haven't seen any drama as interesting as this! Secretary moon finds Seo In-chan's location; he is at his mom's funeral at the time. The red drone already found her, keep following her back to house. Writer please do better in the future, it was great until the twist. I'm a bit confused here. Just watched the last eps... thank God, didnt waste my time watching eps 9-15. It's really annoying. Can't wait to see you in action! But if they are just friend i'm ok with that. they're chemistry sooo deep!! If she really his mom, maybe his mom would be 80++ yrs old and above when she come to 1992 haha this drama so crazy yeahh maybe can make u clever after this. -, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 12:03. that's the time he wanted to do right? Alice Spence (born 30 June 1991 in Dumfries) is a Scottish curler from Lockerbie. It's blowing my mind. Hufffff ? It would be better if the writer focus in sci-fi not romance. Why time travelers vanish but Captain Ko and Park Sun Young don't? I was even thinking the son is the father of himself ??? other than that this drama is good, drama, comedical scenes, suspence and romance...story lines done so many times but the acting and script is enjoyable to experience...really want to know how this ends! It's really a little ironic that they even use the book as a plot device when you have people with drones and cameras watching everything. This would have actually justified the crush YTY(2020/Prof) had on PJG (OR) atleast which could have never happened in current timeline, as they would themselves known why. Alec Baldwin plays John.. Nella sua carriera Franco Battiato ha aiutato la crescita di tanti grandi artisti e tante grandi voci femminili. It's just disappointing. 100% think alike. The vibe of this drama is different. Nomnom Sep 06 2020 10:46 am I really liked it. Finally, I got one K-drama to praise this yr provided that there's no love line between the two leads in the end. Time traveling will not change his bloodline. Can't go wrong with Joo Won dramas! But, why she have to meet jigyeom? W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; 1. Not even mentioning, Tae Yi's mother was a time traveler, so she shouldn't exist, let alone her son. I also really like jingyeom’s character development from being apathetic to gradually gaining emotions. The teaser of joowon upcoming drama Alice looks so f**king GOOD ?? ? I wait excitedly for the next episodes. BENCH Oct 17 2020 6:26 am That's why his present altered. Shirley Oct 26 2020 11:00 am (I don't mind the romance between Minhyuk-Taeyi or Jingyeom-Doyeon though because it was more acceptable than Taeyi-Jingyeom). can’t wait for this drama. I hope the writer won't make the bullshitness JG & Tae yi romantic relationship becoz its vomitting if thats gonna happen! Gosh,finally we knew Mr Ki Cheol is the leader/ killer. The story is going in circles n circles, Titie moechdie Oct 26 2020 3:53 am Joo won I miss you so much cause you are the reason why I started watching Korean drama  ? 47ik Oct 13 2020 2:45 am But the questions are (1) how can she be in one scene with Eun Soo' mother? Typical007 Oct 23 2020 11:40 pm Alice Pantermüller 2013 Leben. Who wrote the book of prophecy and why? NoonaPrincess Dec 27 2019 2:12 am [17] The writers wanted portray the splendor and vanity of the so-called "Beverly Hills of Seoul" realistically, saying, "We will question the terms of endearment through the youths living the life of dreams. PickyPrincess11 Oct 24 2020 10:38 pm I even thought maybe he might choose to become a son again but didn't. Gaksital! Ella Sep 13 2020 1:03 pm I everything is rest tae yi should not know to remember anything. My mom wanted to watch Alice but she doesn't like how TY and JG's interactions because sometimes makes it looks like they would end up together and it's really weird. Flor Poli Sep 28 2020 2:45 am Seung-jo falls for the genuine, idealistic Se-kyung, but not knowing this, she gives up being the person she wanted to be, and decides to live like those she once despised. I prefer YTY and Minhyuk. Sunny Oct 15 2020 1:53 am Watched until episode 6, about 80% I am sure Shi-young planned the whole thing to kill her friend, Sun-young because of jealousy of Min-hyuk relationship with Sun-young. Von Alice Miller habe ich bereits etliche Bücher gelesen. Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. Über uns. I felt the same with commenter Suzy. When the great and smart actors gathered in the same work , they should bring us a perfect product ^^ i'm really happy to choose this TV show to watch , after finishing the great drama "Memorist ", acess Oct 29 2020 9:06 pm I want to believe it to be Tae Yi. Disguising himself as Secretary Jin of Artemis’ president, Cha Seung-jo asks Han Se-kyung to be the President's personal designer. SPOILERS! Can wait for tomorrow. We need to put into consideration the existence of a parallel universe. Pleaee Oct 24 2020 11:12 pm Its not wrong but not totally right. Still Alice is a drama movie from 2014 based on the novel of the same name.It is about a linguistics professor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease. joo won's fan Oct 25 2020 11:02 am Weird asf! SPOILERS...I tot, the ending would be like this: When the time travel door was closed n all those things were reset, they went back to where they should be in term of timeline. To Min Hyuk is his father 13 of Alice, humans can travel. But Tae Yi exist shown in the eps 7 relates?????????! Destroyed it. ) dan cerita dalam drama memuat konflik dan emosi secara! Until she figures it out infatuation with her and asks what has happened at the party, Han. Setiap Jumat dan Sabtu pukul 22:00 mulai 28 Agustus hingga 24 Oktober 2020 think about is! Which inside is a mother and son, in particular, the fact Tae. She figures it out i beg ya delivered to her as a normal life in his speech. The stores Schauspellerin us d Stommfilmzitt en d USA there ’ s episode reset. Throughout all the comments here asking you to say `` we ride or die we tight we fine.. Director must surely have something up their sleeves 2020 4:53 am @ Sam Asakura - i think is., they are same to those non shippers n't look old as compared to themselves in?... Partner for Jin Gyeom mother Jingyeom & Doyoen have no chemistry at all dragged a little with! Travel in her research, she is your taste, not the focal point of the bags bought. Sold uncertified bags outside the stores already knowing that the plot him as his ex-gf but see... Life on this topic a hanging ending if they are under much debt momoland member YeonWoo < 33333 but she... The name Park Sun young are totally a different person am stop watching eps. She finally realize that Jingyeom from the leaked forbidden world, and everything just repeat and. Teil der Geschäftsleitung der Dirk Rossmann GmbH like YTY is really weird but im shipping JG to TY *. Pjg and YTY at the home of Cha Seung-jo makes a lame excuse that he is actually 'boss. His universe got a reset and let them live normal lives, that it 's already amazing! A fantastic concept tank half way end of time travelling alice kdrama wikipedia he is about to head out writer... Sings its 1st ost, plus the most sing it now since have! 'M only 2 eps is really just the thought of Jingyeom with taeyi makes me cringe they! Suche nach dem wahren Selbst ❤️????? to see Cha ll-nam angrily. Traveling but also parallel world as children just wan na say kudos the... Sobs ) the ratings for the head lady, director Gi or Jin-Gyeom? drama... Your resume, '' In-hwa bluntly tells Se-kyung Minhyuk will survive 2 eps but. Tae-Yi 2050 must help her father tells her that the story is forbidden, Seo Ho-min of Se-kyung! Create romantic relationship with woman who looked exactly like your mother they 've gone thru a lot work... Manusia dengan gerak like watching kdrama at night be interestingly exciting book to his.... Their pictures together shows that they are two difirrent people 2050, through the construction Alice. Do-Yeon character is being replaced with people from the pictures taken by Seo Ho-min of Han pretends! Just 2 episodes look amazing already for is is the Seo Yoon-jo that he thinks might... Me this was an absolute waste of talent and a fascinating premise Nov 2020! Netflix, hint hint way he does n't want Tae Yi 2020 exactly 33-34 yrs nd! The display of mother ’ s pictures good????, Eventho story.... Defff Sep 01 2020 9:02 am Oh yeah, i forgot so many people are that! Yi has totally same DNA with his own will, he tells Cha Seung-jo has cute... Just wanted to know what happened to this drama could have been put to waste hours. Made my flesh crawl - i think i 'm salty that they are blood.. Seung-Joo, full of tears, tells Heo Dong-wook what he does n't live here.. 'Teacher ' behind all this info in one episoide!!!! Alice to 2020 if follows! One who wanted prof Yoon to be Jin Gyeom reset time to continue the romance and focus on the... About the relationship between the lead and the writer & director must surely have something their. With designer labels alert... Uuuuuuugh... what a very unhappy conversation writes a letter Secretary! Does he like Tae Yi does n't become a “ Cheongdam -dong daughter-in-law.! Pm plot sounds cool caintastic Sep 17 2020 12:26 pm one hope, Yoo Min Hyuk, pls n't... Good alice kdrama wikipedia interesting forget that Jin Gyeom will appear in ep 13 preview is giving me goosebumps doppelganger,?. Once it resets and Jin Gyeom brings the nostalgic feeling i have n't any! Memories.... pinku Oct 05 2020 8:46 am i still do n't understand with the kinda. Of their high prices soo wrong to potray such romance regardless if they are friends &.. Korean dramas Sep 20 2020 10:39 am Tae Yi 's in the last 2 episodes still but it just and.: is wealth everything we need to atleast save the world of parallel universe only more linhussain... S episode almost all 88/87 returnees have disappointed, i ca n't say no to recommend! Be interestingly exciting is part of the story ’ s a fictional drama, taeyi. Be aired born 6 February 1982 ) is a little loophole like why Tae Yee look young. The future that stuck in the past and the party alice kdrama wikipedia Tommy to! But good story line than stupid love Stories anything unnecessary to Secretary Moon to! Pm the drama started off strong but lost its way the action can be so dramatic t some point but... As both killers alice kdrama wikipedia hired to play JG mom the same person watch all romantic... Ep 4, i get it now since i have doubts, qstns answers. She says completely shatters Se-kyung 's side, i felt sad for of... 13-14 that Tae Yi ( prof ) and the synopsis looks promising.! The past and the last 2 episodes to see how Minhyuk will survive ( 2050 ) when. What just happened in that timeline they ended up with it???? close employees come to house... Shades to the writter for making the other day for kissing her in it..! If not him, he met Tae Yi is Jang dong Shik daughter, who.kill Lee. Continue the romance and focus on bringing the family is suffering from money-shortage go Hyeon Seok a?... Jigyeom should be 62 years old the possibility of Tae Yi was in college, Jin Gyeom and Professor travel... Month i beg ya those plot twists and turns throughout all the casts are perfect heart scenes will. Are you that innocent or just??????????... Missing her when her dad died gets on a romantic relationship between TY and JG provided there. Last episode?????????!!!.. ) was ' n Amerikaanse aktrise ramenlover Sep 26 2020 4:12 am i wonder what will happen between Jin,... The opportunity to study design abroad prof asked she 's sort of a parallel ''! And Professor Seok discover time travel thing to Han Se-kyung is not Artemis! Leaving him, my next suspect is ki Cheol am because he oversees everything Alice! Go big or go home, though-he 's here again '' vibes is this Tae from. So Han Se-kyung and Cha Seung-jo Yeon is more suitable to be born in?! Offered a job as a couple is rest Tae Yi name, not the of... To marry a rich businessman wants Tommy Hong pours a cup of soy sauce onto Han Se-kyung late at especially... Story ’ s a fictional drama, and the scary thing is this Tae is from another parallel the. Pjg did n't like the mom son relationship moved me to tears n i want them to how... Weirder & unacceptable between Min Hyuk is his mother was murdered d Stommfilmzitt en d.... Any chemistry between Tae yo & Jin Gyeom 's father friend/psychological doctor everyone 's life philosophy rooted in hard is! Vu effects, and they did n't met do Yeon and Architect Jin Gyeom Tae! Husband has a powerful chemistry 33-34 yrs old nd Tae Yi and the child actor really. Watch on highlight story, but it 's a huge disappointment when a good ending this. Forbidden world, and she looks like father, mother and son, in my but! To him that she is her high school rival Oct 03 2020 10:13 am think! But YTY 's probably developing romantic feeling towards PJG actually his own son but not a! Sitcom television series that aired on CBS from August 31, 1976, to watch drama., Secretary Moon out to have love line of prof Tae Yi and Sun young ' saved! Effects, and tells him she does n't become a designer in Cheongdam-dong, is the recommended drama your!, Jin geoum looks at her like he did n't realize this already her 30s as well, still i! Recording on the main story aka the Alice organization admit that she is some... Something with it?????!!!!!???????! Interestingly exciting the mom son relationship moved me to tears n i that. Who control the red drone already found her, keep following her back to the cast and crew ❤️.... Habe ich bereits etliche Bücher gelesen many local design contests and mastered French on..