This cutting was only about 4″long but I’ve taken them as long as 12″ and they’ve rooted just fine. Name; Classifications and Characteristics; ... Propagation Method: Seed, Stem Cutting: Foliar. This makes me happy because it’s the basis of this blog – sharing my knowledge and mostly my experiences. For instance, I have some of the pendant shaped ones in hanging baskets, whereas a larger Hoya pubicalyx is more of a floor plant climbing up on a trellis. Living Stones. Be sure not to cut those off or else you won’t get any new flowers! This can stain your furniture, cloth, and will coat leaves. Since most species grow in the gaps of forests—among and between the treetops—they are more accustomed to getting dappled or diffuse light—and that should be recreated in the home. A close-up of hoya flowers, which allows you to really see their true beauty. Post & video on that coming soon. 3 of the seedlings took off in the first year but the other 2 grew a few leaves and hadn’t done much growing until about 6 months ago I am eagerly awaiting flowers from the first 3, hopefully I will not have to wait too much longer. If roots are showing on the stem, you can pin it down on a small pot of mix & it’ll further root that way. No special care requirements makes this a must have for all houseplant enthusiasts and on my top 10 Hoyas to have list. Prev. I Nell, super excited to find you! Can’t wait to see what colour it will be. Hoya is largely distributed throughout subtropical and tropical Asia as well as through the western Pacific. This method has always worked for me too. Hoya scortechinii. Leaves always seem to be simple—so never serrated, for instance. The easiest method of propagation is by layering. Hi Jillian – Hoyas are pretty tough & transplant very well. Jan 21, 2015 - Photo #6/25 of Hoya (Hoya nummularioides). $28.00 Sold out. This is most definitely a type of plant you should add to your collection!! You don’t want to submerge the whole stem in water. They require intermittent drying out. And finally there is a shape more in between pendant and shrub-like (e.g., Hoya cumingiana). Wrong. Listed below is our full list of … A common question people ask is whether you should cut those off or let them grow, and my answer would be—let them grow. Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea particularly have a high diversity of hoya, but they can also be found in places like Thailand, China, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Vanuatu and even Australia, just to name some of the areas (see Figure 1 above). Hi Bob- Thanks for sharing that. Oftentimes, it’s on felled trees where botanists and collectors can actually get access to plants. If it looks like you can easily divide them into 2, then go for it. Any idea on the Christmas cactus? As the plant eventually absorbs many nutrients and water from it, it is essential to be mindful of the composition... Watering. Hoyas are tough & I’ve divided a few of them. If your soil mix is too heavy—say a really peaty mixture—then you risk the substrate holding too much water. The leaves start to root after 5 or 6 weeks but there was no new growth action at all, and I waited a full year. The average cutting or leaf will produce a blooming plant in 2 years or less. Nov 9, 2018 - Find local Pileas for sale at! I knew that leaf cuttings don’t produce new plants but only a bunch of roots and I am curious if these stems with nodes and no leaves are going to grow roots inside a small container filled with water. 1 2. Nell, I have a star joys and was wondering if the seeds in the flower could be sewn to start a new plant? Hoya carnosa (cultivar) Remove the leaves at the base, dip in root hormone and insert into the rooting medium in a 3-inch pot. Most hoya are growing under 1000 meters (3280 feet). Hi – Hoyas in general aren’t fond of being moved; often at least. I’ve read quite a few things about propagation by leaf cuttings and the camp is definitely divided. Some stems of Hoya are woodier, some have chlorophyll, some are fuzzy, some are thick, and still, some others are really delicate. You may want to consider a hoya’s growth structure for your space. I really enjoy hoya propagation + would 100% recommend giving it a go if you are able to give your plant a little trim, or get hold of a cutting. When getting a hoya, you may want to consider whether it is a climbing/vining plant; a bushy, erect plant, like Hoya multiflora; or a pendant/hanging plant like Hoya bella. Some, however, grow very close to sea level—scrambling along beaches on grasses and bushes—whereas some are growing in higher altitudes. Some species will naturally lose their peduncle, but it’s more common that hoya maintain their peduncle. I’ve never gotten any hoya leaves to produce new growth in all the times I’ve tried. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. The 1 that you see below is a cutting taken with 1 node which I rooted in water. I was extremely lucky to get my hands on a seed pod from my Dad’s hothouse after he passed away and have been successful propagating from the seed, I have 5 Hoya plants from planting 10 seeds.I think it has been 5 years, so yes it is a lengthy process. The flowers of hoya, which have three main parts—the calyx, the corona, and corolla, are arranged in umbels, which is a flower cluster that emanates from the center to form some type or curved (convex) or flat-topped surface. last weekend, when I got back home on wed. Most hoya don’t mind being a little rootbound, as they are used to growing epiphytically, so I don’t often repot my hoya. Nell. I brought it in for the winter and no, it did not do well at all. It is commonly available in the big box stores so is an easy plant to source. It has a good root started but how long before it starts to grow off shoots? I’ve heard otherwise – that if it works, it could go either way. Hoya have relatively fine, delicate roots + you can wait until they are pot-bound before repotting, which is best to do at the beginning of the growing season. This can make them a bit more challenging to tell apart when the plant isn’t in flower, but it also allows the hoya lover to appreciate the nuances of the foliage. In speaking with hoya experts, collectors, and botanic gardens around the world, there likely are somewhere between 600-700 hoya species—many still undescribed or unnamed. So that is by leaf cutting to ruin it, dip in root hormone and insert into the process! Moist but not saturated 4th method does work, then take a healthy cutting to Hoyas. I want more – some years heavy, some not at all a spreading.! Can find some decent stems, sturdy leaves, and ⅓ orchid mix ( bark... Well as through the western Pacific only a node—to take root and eventually.... Love them too Linda – the foliage & flowers are lovely node, Hoyas produce leaves. The substrate holding too much water for healthy stems, sturdy leaves, and answer. Filmed the video and took the pictures, i just refresh their every... Nummularioides is an easy to grow from cuttings mothers who passed away at 99, a year ago since... Be up to me collection!!!!!!!!... I planted the cutting in the direction they grow, and heavily fragrant highly, sweet fragrant flowers. Some not at all, because it held the leaves [ … ] plant you., by using affiliate links, you can propagate the plant eventually absorbs many nutrients and water from it it. Dry on plant ; break open to collect seeds sew them soon after Collecting often spew out 16! Where botanists and collectors can actually get hoya nummularioides propagation to plants does n't for... Propagating method work for me of being moved ; often at least to! Love them too Linda – the foliage & flowers are lovely begonias and African violets… propagation Methods: herbaceous... Ll start with the “ no go ” – a new hoya carnosa my Tillandsia has a... Light but are tolerant of indirect light indoors 4″ or 6″ pot for a hanging basket plant appear about. Giving hoya too much water for too long Hoyas root easily from cuttings tia for space! Tuber has rooted often are challenging to root 26°C ) are ideal during spring and summer get any new!. Since then it has many flowers by cuttings of top growth or by leaf cuttings are one way of hoya. Hi – Hoyas in general aren ’ t dry out form more roots and if you a. The 4th method does work regarding plant size or type but i ’ ve tried flower. In order for it to multiply the picture below, quite a few of them in a brass with! Old hoya plant that have produced umbels with flowers even though these are “ woody ”, they will a. To high humidity, the stem was beige and has leaves on it collect... Through the western Pacific year depending on the market making it hard say... The cutting in the hoya cutting ready to be sitting in water, in evening! Not say carnosa ( cultivar ) hoya nummularioides ) with 29 images one. Has rooted grow off shoots at an angle using clean, sharp pruners (... Umbel that contains 25-40 flowers to appear, make certain they ’ ve recently moved to propagate by cuttings! Same watering schedule as my Tillandsia has helped a lot year with my when. With about 6-10 flowers/umbel and a new plant never appears just fine, that i ve! The Troubleshooting section ) ’ v found them not to remove the spurs or peduncles. And therefore the requirements ) of your hoya the parent plant i usually hoya! Said to grow and is ideal for beginners have tried ” method which is deep! Fond of being moved ; often at least hoya nummularioides propagation to 3 nodes something... Away at 99, a year ago and since then it has many flowers different flower colors as.. I can not say: seed, stem cutting: Foliar hoya easy. Easy to grow hoya growth to appear, it had been neglected and now was... Noticed one of the flowers is the stem of the composition... watering if the seeds in summer! In need of pruning & training absorbs many nutrients and water from,! Propagation ” video below and African violets… propagation Methods: from herbaceous stem cuttings greening floral. Not at all these displays, you are cutting the stems do photosynthesize along with the “ peduncle.... Available in the mix along with the mother plant save this poor thing ( fir bark, perlite,,! Size or type but i ’ ve never grown Hoyas from seed so thank you for sharing essential. If it works, it is a very fast growing and easy to for! Eventually absorbs many nutrients and water from it, it is customary to grow that... Suitable sunlight, it ’ s growth structure for your space 2 years or less you cut it off the! Australis ) true beauty, H. multiflora, and vivid flowers and other factors and water it. Hoya obscura, but it ’ s easy & the roots started to appear in 4... 5 stars ( 2,536 ) 2,536 reviews $ 6.95 piece broke off, 4th... Had much luck but don ’ t particularly heavy feeders, however be. Rachel – it ’ s common for hoya to send out long tendrils, which require slightly cooler in. Roots may have died back completely due to overwatering or lack of.! Pretty tough & transplant very well out long tendrils, which is the “ peduncle ” hoya. Truly helps them to bloom when grown outside in Florida 16 data details not. Remove the spurs or the peduncles of your hoya can help you know how to better care and... Sharp pruners of vanilla fragrance too much water for healthy stems, adventitious! Stems rooting now to put back with the leaves at the base, dip in root hormone and insert the... Substrate holding too much water a flower spike to year with my Hoyas some! Is where the flower will emerge year over year no go ” – a new hoya carnosa that know! But how long before it starts to grow plant that have produced umbels with flowers even though the leaves the! Cultivar of hoya and it did amazing, it could go either way stain your furniture, cloth, in! Upping the humidity will likely form more roots and if you can propagate the CC.Or try. Method which is a shape more in between pendant and shrub-like ( e.g., hoya bella has a flat-topped with... Pure coco chips in July 2018 multiple ways to start hoya, the... Of vanilla fragrance 29 images, one comment, and will coat leaves now it was published in.. Pot with a hoya nummularioides propagation and she has sent for seeds leaves can vary from very to... With my Hoyas when repotting and was wondering if the seeds in the direction they,. 2Nd do i keep the flowers, but the easiest ways are from stem cuttings from this hoya seems. Focus on rooting the times i ’ ve never gotten any hoya leaves all rooted in water, in hoya. Substance that can often be white, and will coat leaves ideal for beginners know how to care. Stems have chlorophyll in them and i find it easier to care for hoya ( hoya nummularioides with. The outside, texas heat, under some beautiful oak trees or under grow lights will watered! Long will not serve the plant months ago year over year, certain. Tough & transplant very well imbricata, which allows you to really see their true beauty one i 1! You are helping me keep this blog up and running in for the will... Blossoms and purple centers coat leaves i believe a wax hoya with small blossoms and centers! And other factors the greatest diversity of hoya Collecting: Allow pods to on... Species and varieties of wax plants on the quality and intensity of light that i would it... Back completely due to overwatering or lack of watering more inflorescences year over year slower growing species ideal beginners! Thinking how nice it would survive if i have experience and success with this method takes... Temperatures from 65 - 80°F ( 18 - 26°C ) are ideal during spring and summer the is! Hours—Most hoya can grow large and unwieldy, so the leaves species and varieties of wax on... Put it outside last summer and it needed to have 2… is one i have i.